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On Friday, August 2nd, my daughter and myself stopped in at your Restaurant located at 8191 Giacosa Drive in Germantown, Tn. The first experience we had was to observe two servers collide in front oof us,spilling water on the customers and floor in front of us.

The second bad experience was that we had to wait over fifteen minutes before a server approached us. This was followed by when the server brought out our meal they realized that they were out of one of our food items, (Chile Rellenos). We both were so disappointed with our experience and to top everything else off, my daughter had to go to the ladies' room and when she came back to the table she was totally disgusted. Several of the toilet stalls did not have toilet paper and the one that had paper was so filled with *** that it was all but overflowing.

I wrote on your contact us site the above on August 5th, but as of yet have received no reply from On The Border or any of its' representatives. This is totally unacceptable and I feel that if this how you operate your Restaurants it was a huge waste of my money to visit your establishment.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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So two servers bumping into each other and spilling water just ruined your first visit? OMG!

How did you find the courage to return? Do you think they did that on purpose?

Do you think maybe they are human and accidents happen? Do you think they were probably hustling to serve whiny, peckish customers?

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